Curriculum: Courses

These are the climate-related courses currently offered by CCI faculty in a wide array of disciplines.  We will be adding additional courses as our program grows so please check back soon to see what's new.

Presents environmental and organismal structural interrelationships and relates these to the chemical evolutionary basis of life. Suitable as a Natural Science Elective for a degree in the Division of Sciences.

Link to undergraduate course catalog: Life.1010 Life Science I

Housing is fundamental to the quality of life in communities, and housing policies shape the availability of this fundamental good. This course will examine the economic, environmental, social, and cultural factors that shape housing and its sustainability.

Climate Change Education

The course is designed to help teachers from all levels improve their ability to foster student learning about the earth's changing climate. The course addresses the scientific, sociological, and pedagogical dimensions associated with climate change science. How to incorporate climate change into existing curriculum across disciplines is considered.

Link to Graduate Course Catalog: ENVI.5850 Climate Change in the Classroom

Biology of Global Change

Examination of the role of life processes in controlling the cycling of elements on the surface of the Earth and atmosphere from the molecular to the global level. Students will learn how the different physical components of Earth interact, how these interactions are influenced by life, and how they affect Earth's habitability now and in the future.

climate modeling

Climate change offers one of the greatest challenges yet faced by society. The scientific consensus is clear that climate change is occurring, its pace is accelerating, its impacts on human society will be largely negative, and it is largely caused by anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions.

Thoreau in Our Time

This course traces Henry David Thoreau's influence on major social and political transformations in the U.S. from the abolitionist movement to the age of climate change.

Fast Food, Hot Planet

With an eye on climate change and sustainability, Fast Food/Hot Planet maps the social and historical dimensions of the crises arising from inequalities of food production and distribution.

Ecology students sampling

This course explores the fundamental principles of ecology, with a focus on how ecological processes interact with human activities and ongoing global change.

46.175 Intro to Environmental Poilitics

This course introduces major concepts within environmental studies in order to provide a general understanding of environmental politics and policy in present-day American society.

Climate System

The main elements of the Climate System are the atmosphere, ocean, biosphere, land surface, and the cryosphere; the primary input of energy is from the Sun. The Global Energy Budget is examined and both natural and human-caused climate change are considered.